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W1901 State Road 16
Fall River, WI 53932

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Set in the tranquil countryside of Wisconsin, Fountain
Prairie Farm produces locally grown produce and
their trademark grass fed Highland beef.

It is easy to forget that food doesn't originate
in grocery stores. You can count on Fountain
Prairie's home cooked freshness.

A visit to Fountain Prairie Farm allows
guests a glimpse into the origin of their
meals, as well as an overview of "The Good
Farmer's" approach to land stewardship and
food production. With 280 acres to explore,
including a 60-acre restored tallgrass prairie and
wetland and over 300 head of grass fed Highland cattle, you can learn about sustainable farming. Our unique Highland cattle are docile, hairy beasts that are an important aspect of Fountain Prairie's holistic approach to farming. Our grass fed/grain finished beef is lean and delicious.

Fountain Prairie Farm isn't just a cattle operation. A large portion of our farm is actually restored tallgrass prairie and wetlands, which provides a haven for all sorts of birds and other wildlife that had been driven away by unsustainable agricultural practices. We have brought back dozens of species of native grasses and other plants, and recreated the original wetlands that once supported the flocks of migrant waterfowl that are now returning. It's a beautiful landscape, one that had been all around here not all that long ago.

A feast for the senses... Fountain Prairie Inn & Farms is an island of grass in a sea of corn. We hold an ecological treasure where we, the artisan farmers, welcome you to share our vision; the landscape as a work of art. To paraphrase Aldo Leopold; the farm is a portrait of the farmer. Come see our portrait!

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